Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crossword 1

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9.The bug and 3 down is a good healer (7)
10 .I am in Old Dublin with a spike in my crown (7)
11.Fly low and away from land (3)
12.123456, ah much better (2,5)
13.An artistic code for a change (2,5)
14.This clue needs more, perhaps a longer list? (3)
15.Third state but no bra on the lids (7)
17.My Granny cooks with these (5)
18.Three would be there (4)
19.Past F is bold and stamps to fight back (5)
23.Don't eat a doughnut (2,3)
25.From 51, 54, yet no change (4)
26.Ships in but OA are out, so we read (5)
27.Los Angeles tooth whitening service (2,5)
30.Z is last, but that's just a baby hint (1.1.1)
31.He is really sound (7)
32.Barracks in the gold now (7)
34.Before whizz (3)
35.Air swimmer caught this swimmer (7)
36.Evil Les here (7)

1.He called for a gap in the gin bottle, but was confused so he called them (6)
2.Made it with this and sat on them (6)
3.Phone for a lemon or lime perhaps? (4)
4.Make sure you do sear the fish because its a lovely tradition (6)
5.The joker is Anna, with the king, they look good but never win. (4,4)
6.Mark of damage Past Grapes (8)
7.Plant the big fruit (8)
8.It rains when running (5,3)
16.Ales here (3)
19.Ifs no buts in the lab they took my stuff (8)
20.Helen's home town was broken by Desmond (8)
21.Adam has not left she has, its old news though (4,4)
22.Sat right there in Gibraltar (8)
24.Please do not pay me back with poetry, sounds unhappy (3)
27. A 200 less 50 is allowed (6)
28. Neither or you'll allow this, so it sounds (2,4)
29. 'E meets the back there, he never used to be able to (6)
33. Gather the Lark (4)


9A. The bug (ANT) and 3D(ACID)-ANTACID heals stomach problems

10A. I am (IM) in Old Dublin (PALE) -IMPALER

11A. Fly low and away from land - OWL


13A. Artist and code relates to DAVINCI

14A. ETC.

15A. Third state is a gas, Bra's and Kets used in maths and physics, on the lids - GASKETS

17A. My Granny (NAN). NAANS used in food.


19A. Past F (G) , is bold (bad), stamps - Badge -Fights back indicates change of order

23A. DO NOT- Sounds like Doughnut and Don't is short for Do not

25A. From 51, 54( As in fifty for ), 51-50 = 1 yet no change. VETO

26A. Ships (SS) and OA are out (remaining vowels IEU), So we read - ISSUE

27A. Los Angeles (LA) Tooth (Dente)- AL DENTE ( to the tooth)

30A. ABC- kids learn their ABC's


32A. Barack Obama (BA) Gold (CARAT)- CABARET

34A. GEE

35A. FLYFISH - Used to catch fish or swimmers


1D. GAP and GIN, anagram - Paging

2D. STOOLS - A TOOL is something used to make something, Sat on them STOOLS.

3D. ACIDIC - PH ONE is an acid on the PH scale and lemons are acidic.

4D. Anagram of DO and SEAR- ADORES , Love-ly tradition

5D. Texas hold'em reference. Ace/King or also known as Anna Kournikova. The hand looks good but never wins. And Anna is the ace or the WILDCARD


7D. A PLANTAIN is a big banana or a big fruit

8D. Use of Trains and a TRAIN SET runs.

16D. KEG

19D. Two IFS so IF IF and LAB, gives BAILIFFS


21D. Adams female counterpart is EVE and she has left- EVES EXIT

22D. STRAIGHT - Anagram of sat right. STRAIGHT of Gibraltar

24D. ODE-Sounds like owed

27D. A 200(C C) less 50(L) = ESS -ACCESS

28D. Neither (NOR) you'll (ULE) -NORULE


33D. BEVY- Collect-ion of Larks or gathering of larks.