Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crossword 19

It has been a very long time now since my last upload. This offering has to be rated a nice 2/5. All comments are greatly appreciated and even the few e-mails I still get, keep me motivated to carry on. So I must have some fans out there. Thanks all and I hope you enjoy puzzle 19

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1. Use mum for a visit around there (6)
5. Dec or Oct may be around to steam (6)
9. The pea is a big monkey (3)
11. When on tip, one may say it is sort of directional (5)
13. On the stove, I see terror (5)
14. Close but no...... smoker (5)
15. Bill's daily offering, sound like his style though (4)
16. What time travel is considered to be (3-2)
18. They are all gone to the voices of the air (5)
19. We collectively do not like the old guy (5)
21. Doubly masculine and virile (2-3)
22. 'E and Clio may get this understood to cause sickness (1,4)
25. The artist left 4 down according to the news (5)
27. I heard it belongs to me, referring to the small crow, (5)
28. Around the snap, in a portrait (5)
29. 23 Greeks may make a sound like they breath deeply (4)
30. In the queue, it hits these, by the sound of it (5)
32. The radio announced that sun rays may increase job satisfaction (5)
34. Glued to Crosaire or not getting the answer (5)
36. Geldof's not a fan of them in short (3)
37. 19 across is at war with these acts of late (6)
38. Usually silly in the daily offering but what is it (6)

2. Size up with this but the ESP is not relevant in a fight (3)
3. Would you like a cuppa? Ok I will poor it around for the group before they munch on the biscuits (3)
4. The sound of a crazy time here (7)
5. Exsides? (7)
6. /, to do with the law but precedes the beginning (3)
7. They are blessed at 12 in church (9)
8. The speed of the olden times (3)
10. This fighter cannot aim, for a change (6,3)
12. Bores these (5)
17. Turn afterword here (9)
20. Ligations is the sentencing for the loners who commit mixed crimes (9)
23. Loses one's limbs literally for peace (7)
24. Angry away from the sea about us, it's not that bad (7)
26. Only cite five if you have to get rid of the renters (5)
31. Pi is out of reach for the spiky one above (3)
33. About the South it's not odd (3)
34. Ins not outs when you commit adultery, and doing that has mixxed ideas (3)
35. She will implement it but in an un-ordered way (3)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Crossword 18

This puzzle is a tribute to Derek Crozier. Happy Birthday and congratulations on puzzle 14,000.

1. I's or? (6)
4. Mooches in with the crowd about zee chat (8)
9. Oh, so much anger with the messy food (6)
10. If aliens end the roundabout ride? (8)
12. Before the South, the odds are 7-7 (5)
13. Incapable of error in a gainful mix (9)
15. Strike fifty before the morning (3)
16. Charlotte is short here (5)
17. With the maiden, she sort of lives here in NA (6)
22. I will thank you at the end or after the flea show's his loyalty (6)
24. At the end, the gal was tied up a the number 50 river (5)
27. Oh, about eggs (3)
28. Coining to a disguise in a strange way (9)
31. Joins ink with L's (5)
32. This flower is not odd considering it is with the dole folk. (8)
33. Im itchin' for water, by the sound of it (6)
34. Brand to feed my chum, perhaps (8)
35. Desire to live in that house, in short for both (3,3)

1. The tots are normally not found in the lost property (8)
2. The ant in this place has something to do with birth (8)
3. Bill maid, so I heard (9)
5. ....hanger in suspense? (5)
6. Here sounds literally like my friend, in a French way (5)
7. 0,0 (6)
8. What is the matter? (6)
11. Back up two thousand with 'el to hit like 15 across (6)
14. An eye for the noisy Cuckoo (3)
18. The doctor in the Tory party is crumbling the wood (3-3)
19. This month can be let with the short book about a tee (9)
20. 150" is how one refers to the trump (8)
21. He sings ?Methods to kill perhaps? (8)
23. An appendage after bored action (3)
25. 1 Across with 'e is a type of garner (6)
26. The deer is back to write hundreds in a manner of speech (6)
29. "Gee, you lag behind in this prison", as its written perhaps? (5)
30. The sound within D (5)

Monday, October 26, 2009


I just spotted a few errors in the number 17. Fixed now and if anyone sees and others please let me know. Hope that they are all fixed now. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crossword 17

Hi all. It has been quite a while since I have published a new puzzle but I finally gathered the time to put a nice one together (in my opinion). Copying from my fellow crossword maker, Bill Butler, I have decided to rate my puzzles. Seeing as this is number 17 and you may be used to my styling now and the style of Crosaire then I would say that this is a 5/5 puzzle. Please let me know whether or not it was too difficult or if it did not live up to its rating. Thanks all!

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1 The turn of the nobleman (8)
5 The point of my eye sounds like this (6)
9 Take a French flight or shorten in the book (3)
10 Refutes and spreads again (9)
12 Spread the curd....or ? (9)
13 Earned an organ when Ned left (3)
14 The latter parts of a hundred (6)
15 Heard that it's a bend with myself and the cockney girl (7)
17 Breaker up above for the radio, perhaps? (3,4)
19 Time for a cold, maybe ? (3,3)
22 Heard about the tie there in both senses (3)
23 The short part of August had an expert to omit the crudeness and mix it up (9)
24 Barbing with it is like a hare hunt (9)
25 After T, "would you mind?" in a manner of speaking (3)
26 Perhaps a drain trap, to begin and follow with a G and Y, and has power to trap (6)
27 The hitman is about as narrow as land with water with land either side (8)

1 Give after 25 across (6)
2 You see in Los Angeles, this is it so I heard (7)
3 The dispersion angle is sort of objectifying (15)
4 Began with a knock out and was about to snear at them. (7)
6 THISISHOWYOUANSWERTHISCLUE, perhaps without stopping (2,3,4,6)
7 After T, you are a possessive success (5)
8 Me at the end is not hard but is tricked (4,4)
11 Heat clean or it can follow the sea (5)
16 So, recite about what's so like Crosaire (8)
18 Emile is fragrant like tree resin, in an odd way (5)
19 I am silent and snug with these false attacks (7)
20 Gee, you are an eye in Paraguay with money, just read it (7)
21 Only a sudden press within this jacket (6)
22 Thanks for the scary ghost call that's sacred (5)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crossword 16

1 Stainnce, for example. (8)
5 It is current for the buyer beware for the saints to get in (6)
10 Marks a couple of bob on side of the driver (5)
11 'E the chemist may worked here or ate it to make it clearer (9)
12 I've credit for the pronouncement (9)
13 After a noisy smell up there (5)
14 The second yet the first one of these (6)
15 The result of burying the C, as it sounds (4-3)
18 A way to cure the mental one. (7)
20 The material of the firm follows the non-drinker on the end (6)
22 You sound like you are in love yet confused with botany (5)
24 The blue inlet sort of means being spirited (9)
25 It's to enter in the curly gut (9)
26 So cop on and dig it up around there (5)
27 Nor belong to my family yet I am proud (6)
28 The police and the rebel are worthy of a tumble (8)

1 The start of 1 across on the edge is in (6)
2 One of the flight of many is not to bad (9)
3 Relate the angle of achievement (9,6)
4 I scheme about her undergarment (7)
6 x implanted, perhaps? (5-10)
7 See and remove about the artist (5)
8 Particles make this colour array without a single one (8)
9 Smoke part or just the least end of it (3,3)
16 Bigger than a fume may explode with this (5,4)
17 The pig meant it to be for it to be voiced in the carrot, perhaps (8)
19 No my clear vision is one of the same (6)
20 Have a course or more for the dog, by the sound of it (7)
21 On the grassy plain Stephen is very silent with 'e to follow (6)
23 Extreme to precede violet (5)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crossword 15

Interactive version unavailable for the moment.

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1 An assortment of bad credit used to buy (5,4)
5 Sit back on the eastern shrubs (3)
8 Roy is churning with 49 (5)
10 .- (5,4)
11 Out of patience with edam (7,3)
12 P, by the foreign sound of it, for the boat (3)
14 The noisy cow and a century for she sneaks (7)
16 Sure to be at ease with the French one (7)
18 Resit with the editor to fix the mistakes (2-5)
20 K's to a certain degree (7)
21 To begin with 20 across and one is the money code in Iceland (3)
23 No garbling to take and mix with you (5,5)
27 The ape is heard to be a war member (9)
28 Mug, stick (3,2)
29 Smithy left MIT because he felt like he could not socialise (3)
30 Kes was confused with dad and led to a hasty flight (9)

1 The police or I speak to the Scotsmen, by way of speaking there (5)
2 She is soon to be one part of two (5-2-2)
3 Mother and fathers follow the turn of the artist on the fleets (7)
4 The detective inspector is about to have an awful flu (7)
5 Knotted the diet (4)
6 Afters, he has no money to track the animal, so I heard (5)
7 See bloomers, by the sound of them (8)
9 It is more correct to say instead of uh-huh (3)
13 I am going to go dutch before I grind here (4)
14 A grim era about 2 down (8)
15 Can be a strand, perhaps? (4)
17 You'n I will form Edward in a noisy clothed manner (9)
19 If acting in a state of 15 across or wraps after the priest (7)
20 With 20 across you will get a lean bargain here (7)
22 Listen, after a week, the fish are unable to control how they move (5)
24 6-7-9-10-11-12, what one is gone in short (3)
25 For instance, spy with a sort of Paris (5)
26 Have a weep for the stinger but kneel to praise, by the sound of it (4)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hi all. It has been a while but my next puzzle should be up and ready tomorrow evening. Just a few kinks to iron out.