Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crossword 16

1 Stainnce, for example. (8)
5 It is current for the buyer beware for the saints to get in (6)
10 Marks a couple of bob on side of the driver (5)
11 'E the chemist may worked here or ate it to make it clearer (9)
12 I've credit for the pronouncement (9)
13 After a noisy smell up there (5)
14 The second yet the first one of these (6)
15 The result of burying the C, as it sounds (4-3)
18 A way to cure the mental one. (7)
20 The material of the firm follows the non-drinker on the end (6)
22 You sound like you are in love yet confused with botany (5)
24 The blue inlet sort of means being spirited (9)
25 It's to enter in the curly gut (9)
26 So cop on and dig it up around there (5)
27 Nor belong to my family yet I am proud (6)
28 The police and the rebel are worthy of a tumble (8)

1 The start of 1 across on the edge is in (6)
2 One of the flight of many is not to bad (9)
3 Relate the angle of achievement (9,6)
4 I scheme about her undergarment (7)
6 x implanted, perhaps? (5-10)
7 See and remove about the artist (5)
8 Particles make this colour array without a single one (8)
9 Smoke part or just the least end of it (3,3)
16 Bigger than a fume may explode with this (5,4)
17 The pig meant it to be for it to be voiced in the carrot, perhaps (8)
19 No my clear vision is one of the same (6)
20 Have a course or more for the dog, by the sound of it (7)
21 On the grassy plain Stephen is very silent with 'e to follow (6)
23 Extreme to precede violet (5)


Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

You got me again! I ran into all sorts of trouble in the southeast. I missed FEMALE, ELATED, CAROTENE (clever!) and TWENTY. Still, I really enjoyed the challenge, despite not being able to finish ... and that's what it is all about :)

My notes along the way:

1A: INSTANCE ... clever idea, but I think the clue should read "Stainnce" or "Stinance" instead of "Staince", shouldn't it?
10A: ACCESS: I'll be stealing that "couple of bob" idea!
20A: COTTON: very tight!
3D: ASSOCIATE DEGREE: I smiled at this one, as my eldest just got his a month ago (finally!).
6D: CROSS-FERTILISED: clever wordplay.
8D: SPECTRAL: Physiclue number one!
9D: FAG END: great use of slang!
17D: CAROTENE: I missed it, but largely because it was so well disguised. Clue of the Day!
23D: ULTRA: And we finish up with physiclue number two, as a bonus!

Nice job, Mark. I'll get you next time!

Mark Bell said...


Fantastic comments as usual. Make me feel all the better when I see them. You have full permission to take any ideas of mine. We are a sharing group here. No copyrights even though the "Circled C" states differ.

My methodology for INSTANCE was just that the just that the IN was in STANCE so the solver may add a bit of their own flair to disguise my amateurish attempts lol. Your suggestions are good though.

I also liked the couple of bob clue. Brings back the Irish feel to it all.

Congrats to your son. Pass on my best wishes to him. Clever family you have there Billy boy

I assure you that the next puzzle will give a tantara . I dont know how I will achieve this but I am giving you a guaruntee. ( by the way saying that is after a few pints LOL) so don't hold me to it.

As always your contribution is fantastic and one comment is better than none. Or that brings me back to the old saying " one friend is better that a hundred bad friends" . That is just me rambling on Bill.

Anyway enjoy your day.


P.s If you need a few teabags from the Isle im sure we can have a whip round to spare you a journey. lol

Bill Butler said...


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, pints and all :o)

I think I get the idea behind the clue, but isn't the spelling wrong? If you mean IN in STANCE, shouldn't it read STA(IN)NCE? I think there is a "N" missing somewhere.

But then again, this is me commenting with a bottle of beer in my hand!

Mark Bell said...


Hopefully that is sorted now........hopefully no more errors. :D