Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crossword 17

Hi all. It has been quite a while since I have published a new puzzle but I finally gathered the time to put a nice one together (in my opinion). Copying from my fellow crossword maker, Bill Butler, I have decided to rate my puzzles. Seeing as this is number 17 and you may be used to my styling now and the style of Crosaire then I would say that this is a 5/5 puzzle. Please let me know whether or not it was too difficult or if it did not live up to its rating. Thanks all!

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1 The turn of the nobleman (8)
5 The point of my eye sounds like this (6)
9 Take a French flight or shorten in the book (3)
10 Refutes and spreads again (9)
12 Spread the curd....or ? (9)
13 Earned an organ when Ned left (3)
14 The latter parts of a hundred (6)
15 Heard that it's a bend with myself and the cockney girl (7)
17 Breaker up above for the radio, perhaps? (3,4)
19 Time for a cold, maybe ? (3,3)
22 Heard about the tie there in both senses (3)
23 The short part of August had an expert to omit the crudeness and mix it up (9)
24 Barbing with it is like a hare hunt (9)
25 After T, "would you mind?" in a manner of speaking (3)
26 Perhaps a drain trap, to begin and follow with a G and Y, and has power to trap (6)
27 The hitman is about as narrow as land with water with land either side (8)

1 Give after 25 across (6)
2 You see in Los Angeles, this is it so I heard (7)
3 The dispersion angle is sort of objectifying (15)
4 Began with a knock out and was about to snear at them. (7)
6 THISISHOWYOUANSWERTHISCLUE, perhaps without stopping (2,3,4,6)
7 After T, you are a possessive success (5)
8 Me at the end is not hard but is tricked (4,4)
11 Heat clean or it can follow the sea (5)
16 So, recite about what's so like Crosaire (8)
18 Emile is fragrant like tree resin, in an odd way (5)
19 I am silent and snug with these false attacks (7)
20 Gee, you are an eye in Paraguay with money, just read it (7)
21 Only a sudden press within this jacket (6)
22 Thanks for the scary ghost call that's sacred (5)


Bill Butler said...
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Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

Wow! What a doozy! I gave this one my all, working on it over three days on and off. In the end I fell miserably short. This one definitely earned its 5/5 rating in my book!

I missed:
TITTLE: I knew what you were getting at, but I couldn't remember TITTLE even though it was Lookup of the Day in the Crosaire Blog on June 10th of this year!
REBUTTERS: I might have had a chance if the clue had read "refuters" rather than "refutes". Good clue otherwise, I thought.
SMEARCASE: Lookup Number One!
ZEROES: Kicking myself ... Clue of the Day! Very nice ...
SKY WAVE: I had guessed SET WAVE, Look up Number Two, and your physiclue!
ASK: took a wild guess with EAK (as in T-EAK)
ADVISE: Without ASK, I had no chance!
COLLEGE: I guessed CALTECH (in Pasadena, near LA, in my defense!)
BREAM: I guessed STEAM, so the heat cleaning BREAM became my Lookup Number Three!
THEIR: missed it, and a very clever clue darn it.
GUARANI: I had GUARENI, which was close but no cigar. And Lookup Number Four for me.

I'd have to own up to ELEMI as Lookup Number Five for me, but I did guess correctly.

So, very challenging, Mark, showing up lots of holes in my education. But some lovely clues in there as well, so I don't feel quite so bad. You definitely got your own back on me! You beat me fair and square, Mark :o)

Mark Bell said...

Hi Bill,

Was thinking you had given up. Very happy that you appreciated the rating but it was more of an experiment. No intention of making you work hard at all........ lol.

5 Lookups is nothing to be ashamed about now if it were 6 I would have been very disappointed in you.

Your CALTECH guess was great but that would of been a bit unfair if I expected one to pick a college in LA.

SKY WAVE was actually a new one for me too. It was the only one that fit so a lesson for me too.

The next one will be a much nicer rating, maybe 2 or 3 out of 5. But as you know making a difficult one is good for the compiler as we expand our vocab.

Thanks for taking the time out to do as always.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

I shared this post on Facebook and a lot of my friends enjoyed reading
it. Thank you for posting!