Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crossword 15

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1 An assortment of bad credit used to buy (5,4)
5 Sit back on the eastern shrubs (3)
8 Roy is churning with 49 (5)
10 .- (5,4)
11 Out of patience with edam (7,3)
12 P, by the foreign sound of it, for the boat (3)
14 The noisy cow and a century for she sneaks (7)
16 Sure to be at ease with the French one (7)
18 Resit with the editor to fix the mistakes (2-5)
20 K's to a certain degree (7)
21 To begin with 20 across and one is the money code in Iceland (3)
23 No garbling to take and mix with you (5,5)
27 The ape is heard to be a war member (9)
28 Mug, stick (3,2)
29 Smithy left MIT because he felt like he could not socialise (3)
30 Kes was confused with dad and led to a hasty flight (9)

1 The police or I speak to the Scotsmen, by way of speaking there (5)
2 She is soon to be one part of two (5-2-2)
3 Mother and fathers follow the turn of the artist on the fleets (7)
4 The detective inspector is about to have an awful flu (7)
5 Knotted the diet (4)
6 Afters, he has no money to track the animal, so I heard (5)
7 See bloomers, by the sound of them (8)
9 It is more correct to say instead of uh-huh (3)
13 I am going to go dutch before I grind here (4)
14 A grim era about 2 down (8)
15 Can be a strand, perhaps? (4)
17 You'n I will form Edward in a noisy clothed manner (9)
19 If acting in a state of 15 across or wraps after the priest (7)
20 With 20 across you will get a lean bargain here (7)
22 Listen, after a week, the fish are unable to control how they move (5)
24 6-7-9-10-11-12, what one is gone in short (3)
25 For instance, spy with a sort of Paris (5)
26 Have a weep for the stinger but kneel to praise, by the sound of it (4)


Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

I am tantara-less today, sadly, although I have no regrets as it was a very enjoyable puzzling experience. I missed ROW because I was silly enough to spell SPOOR as SPORE (I was thrown by the "so I heard"). I missed ISK (Lookup of the Day) and KEELS (even though I had K-E-S). And I am kicking myself for missing AUG!

Notes I made along the way:

TIS: runner up for Lookup of the Day.
KELVINS: and there is the anticipated "physiclue".
GUM UP: Clue of the Day!
SKEDADDLE: I think there is a typo in the clue i.e. fight --> flight
MARRIAGE: not sure if you meant "2 across" in the clue, or maybe "2 down"?
STROLLS: a lucky guess, because I think 15 across is another typo!
PRAY: Cool use of wee-p!

Keep 'em coming, Mark ... but not at the expense of your studies!!! :o)

Mark Bell said...

Hi Bill,

Shame no tantara. I apologise for the errors in the puzzle. I checked it 3 times and missed the ones you pointed out. I think it is because I knew the clues so well that I ignored when it said "2 across". I took the wording for granted. I am glad it didn't diturb the puzzle too much, but still very clumsy on my behalf. It is rectified now in the PDF.

Re MORSE CODE: Abstract but it worked. Did it take you a while to get that or was it an instant solving?

Marriage was my favourite. As the anagram has meaning to it lol well in some cases it does!

Will keep them coming but at a much slower rate so, as you say, not to disturb the 'aul studies.

Thanks Bill.

Bill Butler said...


Don't worry about the errors. I just pointed them out so that you had the opportunity to fix them. I'm not working towards a degree at Trinity, so I get more time to proof my puzzles!

Frankly, I jumped all over this clue, even though I liked it a lot. In my sailing days way back when, I was the designated "guy on the radio" so I know Morse Code. A great clue.

Yes, that was a lovely, tongue-in-cheek anagram. Well spotted! If you ever get the chance to check it out, I did a WEB Crossword back in June that has a couple of "themed" anagrams that I know you would appreciate. Take a look at 10A and 23A.

Yes, I hope you get the chance to post the odd puzzle, because I do enjoy them!

Bill Butler said...

Oops .. forgot to check the "email follow-up comments box!