Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crossword 19

It has been a very long time now since my last upload. This offering has to be rated a nice 2/5. All comments are greatly appreciated and even the few e-mails I still get, keep me motivated to carry on. So I must have some fans out there. Thanks all and I hope you enjoy puzzle 19

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1. Use mum for a visit around there (6)
5. Dec or Oct may be around to steam (6)
9. The pea is a big monkey (3)
11. When on tip, one may say it is sort of directional (5)
13. On the stove, I see terror (5)
14. Close but no...... smoker (5)
15. Bill's daily offering, sound like his style though (4)
16. What time travel is considered to be (3-2)
18. They are all gone to the voices of the air (5)
19. We collectively do not like the old guy (5)
21. Doubly masculine and virile (2-3)
22. 'E and Clio may get this understood to cause sickness (1,4)
25. The artist left 4 down according to the news (5)
27. I heard it belongs to me, referring to the small crow, (5)
28. Around the snap, in a portrait (5)
29. 23 Greeks may make a sound like they breath deeply (4)
30. In the queue, it hits these, by the sound of it (5)
32. The radio announced that sun rays may increase job satisfaction (5)
34. Glued to Crosaire or not getting the answer (5)
36. Geldof's not a fan of them in short (3)
37. 19 across is at war with these acts of late (6)
38. Usually silly in the daily offering but what is it (6)

2. Size up with this but the ESP is not relevant in a fight (3)
3. Would you like a cuppa? Ok I will poor it around for the group before they munch on the biscuits (3)
4. The sound of a crazy time here (7)
5. Exsides? (7)
6. /, to do with the law but precedes the beginning (3)
7. They are blessed at 12 in church (9)
8. The speed of the olden times (3)
10. This fighter cannot aim, for a change (6,3)
12. Bores these (5)
17. Turn afterword here (9)
20. Ligations is the sentencing for the loners who commit mixed crimes (9)
23. Loses one's limbs literally for peace (7)
24. Angry away from the sea about us, it's not that bad (7)
26. Only cite five if you have to get rid of the renters (5)
31. Pi is out of reach for the spiky one above (3)
33. About the South it's not odd (3)
34. Ins not outs when you commit adultery, and doing that has mixxed ideas (3)
35. She will implement it but in an un-ordered way (3)


Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

Well, I guess your hiatus from serving up puzzles hasn't helped me any as I did very badly today. It's a pity, because there are some great clues there that I couldn't get to. I missed:

DECOCT: Lookup of the Day!
POINT: (had DRILL instead of NAILS which threw me off ... darn it)
ARIA: First time I'd been mentioned in a crossword (thanks!), but it threw me!
ARGON: missed the "are" "gone"
AGISM: good clue, my bad
SIGH: saw the Greek letter reference, but didn't get as far as "sounds like"
AGINGS: I had no chance having missed AGIST
DONKEY: Clever reference back to Crosaire, but again, I missed it ... what a silly ass I am!
UZI: missed the "size up" ESP deletion ... clever
EAT: tea in reverse! missed it too!
COP: you'll have to help me with this one, Mark!
IRELAND: had MINAH instead of MICRO, which threw me off.
EEN: need help with this one too.

Some notes I made:
PANIC: classic clue ... good one!
MON: Clue of the Day ... I love the contemporary reference!
ACTION MAN: after living for almost 30 years in the land of GI JOE, it was nice to reminded of my childhood!
WATERFORD: nice Irish touch.

I think I did better when I was "in the groove", s maybe that was why I did so badly. I did have problems with answers that only had one letter intersecting another word though (like 8D, 15A etc.) so I couldn't much help from other answers, and today I needed a lot of help obviously.

Note to self ... do better next time. Thanks for posting, Mark. Hope the studies are going well too.

Mark Bell said...

Hi Bill,

Indeed a pity but I would say it is because I have not had a steady out flow as of late.

Regarding COP. When I was reading over my clues I was so baffled about the actual clue and where on earth COP came out of but it makes sense to me now.At the beginning the / = per, A copper is to do with the law and so is a Cop without the per. Hope that clears it up.

Regarding EEN, I think it has thrown you due to the fact it should of been E'EN (even) So Seen without the south (S) is E'EN. My mistake though so I apologise.

Thanks for taking the time as always.

Belly Surya Candra Orsa said...

Great Blog..!!!! Keep Blogging.... :)