Friday, November 6, 2009

Crossword 18

This puzzle is a tribute to Derek Crozier. Happy Birthday and congratulations on puzzle 14,000.

1. I's or? (6)
4. Mooches in with the crowd about zee chat (8)
9. Oh, so much anger with the messy food (6)
10. If aliens end the roundabout ride? (8)
12. Before the South, the odds are 7-7 (5)
13. Incapable of error in a gainful mix (9)
15. Strike fifty before the morning (3)
16. Charlotte is short here (5)
17. With the maiden, she sort of lives here in NA (6)
22. I will thank you at the end or after the flea show's his loyalty (6)
24. At the end, the gal was tied up a the number 50 river (5)
27. Oh, about eggs (3)
28. Coining to a disguise in a strange way (9)
31. Joins ink with L's (5)
32. This flower is not odd considering it is with the dole folk. (8)
33. Im itchin' for water, by the sound of it (6)
34. Brand to feed my chum, perhaps (8)
35. Desire to live in that house, in short for both (3,3)

1. The tots are normally not found in the lost property (8)
2. The ant in this place has something to do with birth (8)
3. Bill maid, so I heard (9)
5. ....hanger in suspense? (5)
6. Here sounds literally like my friend, in a French way (5)
7. 0,0 (6)
8. What is the matter? (6)
11. Back up two thousand with 'el to hit like 15 across (6)
14. An eye for the noisy Cuckoo (3)
18. The doctor in the Tory party is crumbling the wood (3-3)
19. This month can be let with the short book about a tee (9)
20. 150" is how one refers to the trump (8)
21. He sings ?Methods to kill perhaps? (8)
23. An appendage after bored action (3)
25. 1 Across with 'e is a type of garner (6)
26. The deer is back to write hundreds in a manner of speech (6)
29. "Gee, you lag behind in this prison", as its written perhaps? (5)
30. The sound within D (5)


Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

Defeated ... :(

This was a fun puzzle, with some great clues, including a couple of really unique ones. It was also a puzzle of "look-ups" for me. I was googling away after I reached the end, learning about rivers in England and boring speeches! I missed 6 answers:

PUPILS (was looking for "eye sore")
DES RES (I don't read the IT property pages enough!)
ORIGIN (kicking myself!)
GAS-SINGS (saw He, helium, gas too late!)

Notes along the way:
SCMOOZE ... lovely word for a puzzle
EVENS ... great combo of "sevens", tied score, and "odds" wordplay!
FEALTY ... Lookup of the Day!
VOLGA ... classic clue, very nice.
EVENLODE ... another lookup for me!
ITCHEN ... ANOTHER lookup for me!
CLIFF ... great clue, short and sweet.
MIAMI ... brilliant!
CLINCHER ... Clue of the Day. Loved the use of " for inch.
GULAG ... classic again, always nice to see.

Still kicking myself over ORIGIN and that He gas!

Thanks, Mark!

Mark Bell said...

Hi Bill,

Pity about the defeat. Really was hoping for better success then the last time but to be fair we all differ with our knowledge of words and in a lot of cases I struggle to understand answers in the daily offerings and also look-ups are beneficial in the long run, so don't kick yourself too hard...maybe just a little slap on the wrist lol.

Great comments as always. The HELIUM reference was well disguised as I had intended it to be. Reminds me of a few weeks ok with DINS and DOUBTS... amazingly hidden.

On the bright side you can show off your new words but on the downside everytime you think of ORIGIN you will have a sore limb :)

Thanks Bill!

All the best,


Bill Butler said...
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