Monday, August 10, 2009

Crossword 4

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8 Some Tea for the skiers ride (1-3)
9 You are cash right (2,3,5)
10 The sleepy letters make horse noises in this elegant way (6)
11 Foliage is aloud to be informed, so it sounds (8)
12 Ye back is good in France when at the cemetery (8)
14 Sticky toffee starter (3,3)
16 Dinner in short is quite loud but stunning (4)
17 Is William Bryant Evil enough to collect cotton? (5)
18 Cheat without a draw (4)
19 'E shows off how to sit and go (6)
21 Tora is bigger than a village but is appaulling (8)
23 After their quivering flight they were teetotalled (8)
26 Pee Bee is gone away with him (3,3)
27 The confused rodent was lectured by Dali (3,7)
28 An Irish what is always good to mess around with (4)

1 In Cork Gina left them around there (10)
2 We do this because of him, maybe we are his staff in plural (8)
3 Another common cold (6)
4 The rest of them arrived back late (2,2)
5 1000 x 1000 behind, rats are celebrities now (8)
6 The bully sounds like he is getting decorated (6)
7 20 without one is out (4)
13 For Greeks they sound like gamblers (5)
15 Got ham's dent is sort of like this when meeting (4,2,4)
17 The endorsing spread (6,2)
18 The french fish is secret in G (8)
20 Quite an interesting exam (2,4)
22 Rent again (2-4)
24 The fibber sounds musical (4)
25 You inset sound fat (4)



8A: TBAR : Some tea (T) the skiers ride is a TBAR

9A: ON THE MONEY: or dead right

10A: SNAZZY: Sleepy sounds (ZZ) Horse noises (Nays) , in an elegant way

11A: LEAFLETS: Foliage (leaf), Aloud sounds like allowed (Lets) -Leaflets inform

12A: BONEYARD- Good in France (Bon) and Ye back. A cemetery

14A: TEE OFF - Anagram of toffee

16A: DINS - Dinner in short


18A: ETCH: Cheat without A, so CHET or Etch- to draw


21A: ATROCITY- Bigger than a village (CITY) with TORA is appalling

23A: FLITTERS - Teetotaller (TT), Flight( fliers)

26A: LED OFF - Pee Bee or Pb for Lead or LED

27A: ART STUDENT - Confused rodent (RAT), lectured by Dali ( the artist therefore teaches)



1D: ABANDONING - In cork (Bandon), Gina around them

2D: CROZIERS - we do crosaire because of Derek Crozier, and crozier's are staffs


4D: ET AL - anagram of late or the rest of them

5D: MEGASTAR - 1000*1000 = 1,000,000 or MEGA and with RATS back


7D: VENT - Venti less one (I) is vent or to let out

13D: DELTA - For (4) Greeks is Delta . Gamble is reference to the alphaBET

15D: FACE TO FACE - Gotham's Harvey Dent ( two face)


18D:ENCODING - The French (EN), Fish (COD) with in g (ING) in a secret way



24D: LYRE - Sounds like a fibber or liar

25D: SUET - You inset or U in SET, is fat.


Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

Well, I did a lot better this time. After getting only a handful of answers last time, I made double figures this time getting 14 right answers. There's still along way to go, but we're getting there!

Some notes I made along the way:

ABANDONING: I always love an Irish reference in a clue, and this was a good one.
CROZIERS: we should all pause to pay home to the man. Nice touch :o)
ET AL: tight clue.
MEGASTAR: you must be a Physics student!
SUET: very tight too (although 'You inset are fat' would be tighter, for me)
EGOIST: classic Crosaire

Keep them coming, Mark. I'll get there yet.