Sunday, August 2, 2009

Crossword 3

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2 Stole the E and didnt return until he was paid a pound (5)
5 The eyes are sound for this purpose to publish this article before (4,2)
8 Only 1 of 1001 is alot (1,3,4)
9 I heard you joined in with the bunnies (6)
10 500 with E writes with a jive but relies on him (10)
11 Twoo's be playing (4)
12 French school pianos are clumsy (8)
15 High on genus mint (6)
16 It was a bit hot (6)
18 Quiet on the double (4-4)
20 The new dance is called the Four in Gee (4)
21 'E strokes they sky (10)
24 Lets stick to it ok? Tea at two then ? (6)
25 In fact all bread (8)
26 Light jeans in the east so it sounds or so it is delicious (6)
27 Tease the stiff hair of the organism in an odd way (5)


1 On the bears blade (5)
2 The French flier's name before (5)
3 Collect PU (7)
4 Everywhere we go they are back there (7)
5 Behead the curdled custard seldomly as of early (7)
6 Bat back for the Leb and have a snack (9)
7 Aid with the planets (9)
13 I finally heard sherry very clearly in this region (9)
14 You get out of here, Thanks. (5,4)
17 Without one hundred Rich is tedious to a point back there (7)
18 Hello for the prime of the week (7)
19 Seated there with my bird and in present (3,2,2)
22 Australia in short has an air about it (5)
23 'Er age is in want and wait (5)



5A: CITY MY - The eyes (Sight) or CITE - To Publish, and CITE MY is before a certain task i.e CITE MY ARTICLE

8A: A BIT MUCH - 1001 is binary and only 1 is a BIT , the rest is alot. [Furthermore 1001 is binary for 9 and the clue is 8 across so 9 is a bit much]

9A: RABBET- Sounds like rabbit and RABBET is a joint in woodwork.

10A- DEPENDANCE - 500(D) with (E), a (PEN) writes and a jive is a (DANCE)- To Rely

11A: OBOE - Twoo's or two O's and BE - To play the oboe

12A:SCHLEPPS - School (SCH), French(LE), Pianos(PPS). To be clumsy

15A: SALVIA - A drug from the genus plant



20A: JIVE- Four (IV) in Gee or JE- A dance


24A: TATTOO - T -AT-TOO -Sticks to it

25A: ALTHOUGH- All bread (DOUGH) sounds like though, In fact. [ a reference to the homophone was left out for a reason I cannot remember, but there is a good reason ;) ]

26A: LICHEE- Sounds like LIGHT JEANS a delicious fruit from the east

27A: SETAE - Anagram of TEASE- for the organism


1D: SABRE- anagram of bears- A sabre is a blade

2D: TITLE: French (LE) , Flier (TIT) Before TIT+LE- a name


4D: BEHINDS - Our behinds are behind us and therefore follow us where we go

5D: CURFEWS- Behead curdled (CUR) , Seldomly (FEWS)

6D: TABBOULEH - Bat Back (TAB), indication for a Lebanese food

7D: - MNEMONICS - An aid to remember things . Mnemonic for the planets (My Very Easy Method Just Sums Up Nine Planets)

13: CHARIVARI- Sounds like Sherry very - A regional custom

14D: LEAVE UTAH - get out (LEAVE) you (U) , Thanks( TA-H)


18D: HEYDAYS - Hello(HEY) -of the week (DAYS).

19D: SAT AT IT- Seated there in present tense (SAT) , BIRD(A TIT)

22D: OZONE- Australia in short (OZ) an air about it is the ozone

23D: EAGER - Anagram of Er age


Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

I'm playing catch up with your crosswords, but I will get there.

I'm still trying to "get into your head" and familiarise myself with your style. And that's pretty obvious to me, because I could only get 5 answers in this crossword! Dear me ... you set a tough puzzle!

My favorite clues were:

SETAE: The clue reads really, really well, with "tease" and the "hair" going together very naturally.
ROUND UP: I love a pithy clue, with some nice wordplay!

Keep it up, Mark. We'll meet in the middle one day :o)