Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crossword 14/13

As always, comments are appreciated, either good or bad. All criticisms will be noted and will make efforts to improve future puzzles. I hope you enjoy this one.

(You may have noticed that I have not published puzzle 13. Well my grid can be found but I cannot access it. If it does show up, I will let you all be informed)

Interactive puzzle

1 Had clasp on her, so I heard (6)
5 Our Lea comes in very loud with a clover (4-4)
9 So resend it back they will be the one's to back (8)
10 The current money, in a manner of speaking (6)
11 Ad? (4, 6)
13 Up and down asking " Why oh why oh" (2-2)
14 Together, how is a week to prove who he is (3)
15 NAMA is one of these, in a wordy sort of way (8)
18 After the C, it’s a stun in got there (3'1)
19 Maybe near the hear or the oh pest (4)
21 Lamb of God who gave things to atone the bad side, in Latin (5, 3)
24 A mixed run but after all they got the vase (3)
25 After a century, do nothing but announce (4)
26 Pour gin in the vase without ‘e noticing and about to see the mists (10)
29 The twins may tell me my future (6)
30 Tickle one to play a note but I am a fool after all so I'll just have my nut (5, 3)
31 In a manner of speaking; as if such were so (2, 2, 4)
32 Left leg stretched, right leg stretched, both at 180 degrees for them (6)

2 The noun and our. By the sound if it set off, perhaps? (3-2)
3 The mound says "Oh five, oh fifty, oh!" (5)
4 He had a conservative past (7)
5 The face 'e 'as, like a soft tissue by the sound of it (7)
6 She is similar but the result says different (7)
7 Fortunate and random prizes are won with these (5, 4)
8 Can anyone sort this pest? (9)
12 By the first, neither N or O (3)
16 The non-drinking dwellers may wear a corsage, in a round about manner (9)
17 To begin, the firm is back on for about a list cut, and I am a follower (9)
20 Comes from the mouth of bill (7)
21 Give notice when very soft arise will be around back there (7)
22 Unreason without a. you confuse my impulses (7)
23 After C, follow in for stun follow. It's just crazy (3)
27 499 why? And a further two fifties; this doesn't seem like a poem after. But is (5)
28 Gee, my relative is bleak (5)


Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the puzzle! I tried the interactive version for the first time, and it worked out just fine. I haven't used that applet myself as it isn't quite up the Irish Times standard, but you know what ... it works just fine! I cleared the board (yah!) in 27m 25s, about the same time as a Crosaire puzzle for me.

As I always have an opinion (!):

ACCENT: Nice and tight, a pithy clue.
ANNO DOMINI: I always like a bit of wordplay.
ACRONYMS: Very topical choice for the ACRONYM axample!
CALL: Classic, and very tight.
SPLITS: Injured my groin trying to work this one out!
HISTORY: Clue of the Day!
ANNOYANCE: A well-spotted anagram woven into a very efficient clue.
INVOICE: Clever variation on a classic ...

Great job, Mark. An as always, keep 'em coming!

Mark Bell said...

Hi Bill,

Great to hear that you did the interactive version. I agree that it is not on par with the IT version but it can be handy as you know.

Under 28 minutes is superb and its good these puzzles are not rushed, the same way I do with your's and all crosswords.

NAMA seems to be the ACRONYM of the century here so just thought I would throw it in. I wanted to link "LUCKY YOU LIVE ABROAD" lol to that clue but it wouldn't fit.

I never expected you to act out for SPLITS, but you are known for your dedication to Crosaire :)

As always thanks for the kind words.

All the best,


Dean McCarthy said...

Hey Mark,
I was wondering if it was the same Mark Bell I know. It Is ! I was talking to your dad yesterday in Kilmac and he told me you were doing crosaire type crosswords. I'm impressed. Well done. Dean

Mark Bell said...

Hi Dean,

Thanks for the kind words. Seems like only yesterday you were trying to explain Crosaire to me and me being extremely confused. But since then I have become a huge fan of it. There is a small and humble group of Crosaire 'ers on the net and its nice to keep the discussion alive.

Hope you are well. All the best.