Sunday, August 16, 2009

Crossword 6

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1 Behold the strong cockney and take it from custard to swarm (6)5 His mind is like this on the single racecourse (3-5)
9 I heard it blue in (8)
10 The ocean less 99, heard why the war ended (6)
11 Hastily left and mixed the final acts to improve his Jazz (4)
13 Five is not in nor below (3)
14 Spread around tape (4)
15 The ship's flag ends without five hundred (3)
16 Finally hold past to restrain the Sea less witch, so I heard (8)
19 Ducks or ors, by the sound of it (6)
20 A soft seal is sort of what are eaten (6)
22 MTWTFSS is listed (8)
25 Sounds like Eoin has one (3)
26 No 'en for her but a B to make produce (4)
27 After six, a turn through there (3)
28 1001 is in to leave out (4)
30 Eat like a boar (3,3)31 The Far East has Edward marked in position (8)
32 Sounds like Freud nor is few too many involved with the battle (8)
33 She works as a bread wanter (6)


2 Oh, Michael, in short, you conduct yourself badly (5)
3 Until he sorts the darkness (5)
4 To ad just a bit with either the North or South. (7)
5 O, one red out of sorts the other not, the other was this (7)
6 See soup on the menu when they marry (7)
7 Patrick's Grain grew here (4,5)
8 Can teens eat here? (9)
12 Close to the vessel after 'er (3)
17 It’s 9 across (9)
18 The semi stage brothers, had a common relative, but only one (4,5)
21 The solution is to mix these (7)
22 'En six ten with you and I are eager to want but don’t have (7)
23 The monsieur is back at charge and felt the happiness (7)
24 Return the mad obstruction (3)
28 Oh you, en sea, sounds like a wait for me (5)
29 The single person is you and you surrender (5)


Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

I continue to climb the learning curve. I got the closest today to completing one of your puzzles, missing just 4 answers. I missed WOMB, HALF BLOOD, FEUDISTS and I had IMPLOSION instead of IMPLOSIVE.

Some notes I made along the way:

EIDERS: a vey Irish clue, in that the "sounds like" reference really only works with an Irish accent! :o)
OWN: I was convinced this answer had to be IOU (as in owin', sounds like Eoin)!
OHMIC, and SOLUTES: I've come up with a name for your (and Tommy's) signature clues ... they're physiclues :o)
TADPOLE: my choice for Clue of the Day

As I have said before ... keep 'em coming, Mark!