Friday, August 21, 2009

Crossword 7

Interactive puzzle

Click here for printable version *Contains solution on second page*

1 India and gut are sort of balancing (8)
5 A leap season (6)
9 The dragon in the heavens (5)
10 Trip up mom in a confused and unrehearsed way (9)
12 A mixed shingle language (7)
13 For instance, no 'e type here in the Middle East (5)
14 Sounds like F N on either side of 500 to care for (6)
16 Us up to begin with the spot of dirt and keep up (7)
19 In here it, she got, by the sound of it (7)
22 I heard that it's not what it seems (4,2)
26 After a hundred a rodent was authentic (5)
28 Sort of bake in a Japanese flower arrangement (7)
29 A slick vote sorts the beasts (9)
30 Lie in an unusual body (5)
31 Around the edit it was very soft to be knocked! (6)
32 LY is no longer together. It was split (8)

1 Doubled in ales sounds confused and is confused (6)
2 The Doctor was a cockney who likes to haggle in the wet rain (7)
3 Double cross the double clock (3-4)
4 It sounded like a heeding and messy horse (7)
6 The bad child indicates to cut finally (5)
7 Eating one of the seven (8)
8 A soft bunch of tens, we heard in the summits (6)
11 So into him and him and him, said the writing on the wall (5)
15 Sounds like I fly back then and caught a bug (3)
17 Sit back in music (3)
18 The local ten were confused about Arthur's knight (8)
20 Ten thanks for bits (5)
21 The red actor together sounds a bit bossy (6)
22 The week is thin with 'er, so the theorist heard (7)
23 I heard where to deposit and withdraw my i's (3,4)
24 She is him, he is her but only in the nineteenth century (7)
25 In Ma and the end of 30 across is primarily it (6)
27 Advance, ver (3,2)


Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

You got me again, but I did one better than last time. I only missed three, running into trouble in the SE corner. I missed: TIES UP, THINKER and URANIAN.

Some notes I made along the way:

IMPROMPTU: A lovely angram with "trip up Mom". Well spotted!
ALIEN: Wonderfully pithy clue, and a clear choice for Clue of the Day for me.
ADDLES: I like the use of double-d in the clue. I haven't seen that in a while.
APEXES: Very nice use of tens as EXES
IOTAS: and another nice use of "ten"
EDITOR: redactor was very nicely disguised.

As I've said before, Mark ... keep 'em coming!

Mark Bell said...

Hi Bill,

You definitely are getting a lot better. Well done. At the rate you are going, you will be fully solving them by crossword 10 lol another ten reference. (I can't help myself ).

All the best,