Monday, August 24, 2009

Crossword 8

Interactive puzzle

Click here for printable version "Contains solutions on page 2"
1. My vision sounded empty dear, in a confused way (6)
4. The final courses were returned and anxious (8)
10. Break the phone or you will have no success (2-5)
11. About the taverns, this is employment (7)
12. The artist will ransack the office to get his passport in short (4)
13. The dry oceans or polluted and inferior (9)
15. The pain of the love organ, perhaps (6)
17. Around a grand is the slight cost of it (4)
20. The Squatter helps to draw around this with one less for tea (7)
21. Johnny is paid to sing (4)
22. Finally, they heard 'er ball was a crier. (6)
26. Measuring the shuffled bloomers (9)
28. Why leave it out for the colour of the keys. By the sound of it (4)
30. O, five at charge is welcome (7)
31. All 'e is back with this month with this foreign soap (7)
32. Our Ma is in another air, so I heard (8)
33. The French box, box (6)

1. Check with this if you have permission to give my insides away. (5,4)
2. Hello Hell Hel He H are all back (7)
3. I need to find how to turn my spam filter off. (4)
5. To draw in the mouth (2,4)
6. The egg sounds a bit longer than IRN (5)
7. C NaCl (3,4)
8. Crazy ..........? (5)
9. Uncrease the paper pants (5)
14. Get a bug and Southern tan (4)
16. Dust on the crown before Wed, in short (3)
17. Rob around it, in both manners. (3)
18. Lame and messy food (4)
19. The duct uses the action of 5 down (3,6)
21. 'E is gone but he says "Ahoy my Crosaire matey's" (7)
23. The bloomers are all able to mix with large petals (7)
24. The Arsenal man (6)
25. He mixed a gin for you and I and we will be taking it (5)
26. The noisy pain got bigger (5)
27. Sounds a bit hoarse (5)
29. To begin 50 is perhaps back and used to heat en France(4)


Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

What a great puzzle! There were a couple of clues in there that I thought were really world-class, and I must congratulate you. I had one wrong, and was missing 2 answers, so still didn't finish, but that's as good as last time! I missed ENCASE and AIR INTAKE down in the SE corner, and had guessed EIREN instead of EYREN.

Some clues of note:

ANGINA: that's the first time I've seen a "love organ" mentioned in a crossword!! :o)
GERANIUMS: nicely spotted anagram ("measuring").
SEA SALT: one of the best clues I've seen in a long time! Clue of the Day without a doubt (although I think CNaCl reads better than C NaCL!)
DOTTY: and right under SEA SALT comes another brilliant clue. Very inventive!
CORSAIR: A really nice homage to our Crosaire roots in the clue.

Definitely, keep 'em coming, Mark.

Mark Bell said...

Hi Bill,

Fantastic comment you left there. Very pleased. I had a feeling this one was the best and as you can see your advice is paying off. Stil a few kinks to iron out though. Thanks again and Hopefully 9 will be even better.