Saturday, August 29, 2009

Crossword 9

Interactive Puzzle

1 Cheat without a genuine mix (4)
5 A lack of Fe causes this (7)
10 The last month was back and hinted at a nun, in a confused manner (7)
11 short but not odd (1'2)
12 As it appears here : is Ed settled here? (9)
13 O makes a sound gasket (1,4)
14 n think (4)
15 Perhaps the bird will be crossing here (7)
18 The Irish beach is back to start with the French end piece, I see (7)
21 Od to fasten (2,2)
23 The mount sounds like 'es 50 (5)
25 Suddenly the mud temples, declined to change (9)
26 His name is a flower by the sound of it (3)
27 The warzone has nominees, but 'e was let go (2,5)
28 Yes, rent some liquid to mix (7)
29 It sounds like the sink is in accord (4)

2 Cornelius began to know the language in a flowing manner (9)
3 Would the locomotive go here to learn? (8,7)
4 The bloomer in South Africa is left without a rota (7)
5 I totalled 22 down (5,2)
6 Meg knew Scotland and appreciates them, in an odd way (15)
7 Reader of the Shari'a (5)
8 All for instance are charging for gin (8)
9 Starts to sound like a Jew with a racy sea (5)
16 Recounts a harlot at the roundabout (9)
17 In turn, his title is meaningless and unknown without gin (8)
19 Ten pence is this perhaps, by the sound of it (7)
20 The banger in the troupe (7)
22 With 50 it has rungs, without it's a viper (5)
24 Say over 50 and be shrewd (5)


Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

Great puzzle. It kept me going for two cups of Barry's tea, as I was determined to finish it. Alas, I came up two short again, but still, I had a great time doing so! I missed WEEN (great clue, just a new word for me) and FUCHSIA (I'll need help understanding this one!)

I made some notes!

ECHT: Lookup of the Day for me. I speak very little German ... and just a little more after picking up ECHT!

COLONISED: Brilliant clue, and Clue of the Day for me. You do throw in some great wordplay, and punctuation play for that matter.

ARTICLE: I love an Irish clue, and the use of TRA is a fresh touch. Very nice.

STYRENE: absent your signature "physiclue", I see you at least have a "chemiclue" :o)

DRUMMER: a banger in the troupe ... what a great image!

It's a really nice puzzle, Mark. It's hard to believe you've only been doing this a few weeks.

And yes, keep 'em coming ...