Thursday, September 3, 2009

Crossword 10

Interactive Puzzle

1 The clock told this finally and was sewn up to help with the work (1,6,2,4)
10 Does not sound like a dance but it is (3-4)
11 Limit us to cause a response, by changing (7)
12 Go do it well instead of messy (4)
13 The Saint and all stop mixing (5)
15 Two of me is the idea that is spread (4)
17 After 50 they are full but with 50 they missed out (3)
19 In turn, he sounds ready to train (6)
21 Icy red and cold to mix (3,3)
22 Polite without 'e and I see the cunning decision (7)
23 'E chews and will avoid to turn (6)
24 Not to feed in (3,3)
26 The French for them around to slay (3)
28 My bro's are round and still confused (4)
30 The South group may blow this (5)
31 1 across saves this, no? (4)
34 Gary lee is in a bitter twisted manner (7)
35 Bond needed to see through this (7)
36 In a manner of telling, most start with this primarily (4,4,1,4)

2 CIIIT by the sound of it (3,2,2)
3 A broken charge around some tea to enter (4)
4 Dublin in Ireland. Without 50 is a head (6)
5 The fish follows in and is in a shoe (6)
6 The WI is in for a teetotaler's stupid night (4)
7 Mother and you have mixed the colour (5)
8 Sounds like T I M E with no sea (4,4,2,3)
9 Drink up and leave with the final bell (4,9)
14 A small amount of dessert, perhaps? (1,6)
16 Cannot see this light to use to write (1,1,3)
18 O, these transport the whales, in a round about way (5)
20 The radio announced it was one back immediately (3)
21 He is ready to lose his life and change the look of it, by the sound of it (3)
25 "051 for 1000" like an egg? (7)
26 No need to wake up as I will do this (6)
27 It's in opposed to 24 across (4,2)
29 How to start (5)
32 It breaths the pollutant in the wood, from our perspective (4)
33 See why this sounds as if it precedes the Saint and the sac (4)


Anonymous said...

Good one. Absolutely loved - Long Time No See

Mark Bell said...

Hey Megan,

Thank you very much for doing my puzzle. The style is similiar to Crosaire and hope you can, if you have the time, look at a few of the others that I have made.

All the best,

Liz said...

Hi Mark

You've been very busy compiling puzzles...and finally I've got round to checking one out! Well done, I enjoyed it a lot...although you defeated me...I put in O.R.PEN instead of I R PEN...unable to come up with anything more logical, thought it might have had something to do with William ORPEN, Irish portrait painter! You'll have to explain this one to fact I've just googled it...and realise it's an infrared pen...right?! it but not quite sure why?!

Loved the use of Saturday grid and related TIME clues.

Favourite clues for me:

LONG TIME NO SEE!...with clues like this, I'll be dropping by again!

CYST...this clue read very well...SEE WHY/CY...I've never seen that used before...very clever!

A TRIFLE...sweet indeed!

A STITCH IN TIME/NINE pairing...and particularly the use of 'no?' at the end of clue yielding NINE.

Thanks Mark, I really enjoyed the puzzle and will be back for more...


Mark Bell said...

Hi Liz,

Thank you very much for the comment. I hope that my modest attempt of Crosaire style puzzles will appeal to you. When I was compiling this puzzle, I was left with the final space which contained _RPE_ and I could not find anything to fit except I R PEN. I was not too thrilled about having to use it but I had no other option.
Regarding TREE. The pollutant from our perspective that a TREE breathes is Carbon dioxide. And it is the TREE.

Look forward to hearing any other comments that you wish to share.
Thanks again and all the best.


Bill Butler said...

Hi Mark,

Lovely puzzle, and a real homage to the great man. I enjoyed the Saturday theme. And, more importantly, I solved it! I think you might have hit the sweet spot :o)

Some notes I made along the way:
ONE STEP: clever!
MEME: Lookup of the Day for me!
NINE: Great clue. I loved the use of 1-across, and the little "no" on the end is pure genius.
SEE TO IT: Lovely wordplay. One of your signature clues, I am thinking.
LONG TIME NO SEE: Lovely wordplay again.
I.R. PEN: a bit obscure for sure, but what would one of your crosswords be without a "physiclue"?
OVIFORM: Clue of the Day!

Great stuff, Mark ... best yet!

Joanne said...

You are a very clever guy, therefore you must be the son of Richard.Well done. x Joanne